Random image from my nature photos collection (cropped).
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About the website:

I created this website in mid-2008, mainly as a front-end for my nature photos. I originally used Dreamweaver 8, but ended up having to do the HTML coding myself, as I found Dreamweaver too frustratingly complicated. This turned out to be a nightmare, as I'm no computer programmer! Hosting is provided by One.com and I have my own domain - JT437.net.

There is no real significance to "JT437", it is simply a mixture of my initials, and three almost-random numbers (the numbers 4, 3 and 7 cannot easily be confused with letters of the alphabet when written down). This choice of identifier was simply due to my lack of imagination when trying to think of a suitable domain name.

The website is currently rather small and still undergoing some construction and evolution. It is my hope to eventually host various subsections, covering a wide diversity of material. But right now, it's mainly oriented around my nature-photography, postcard collection, and various other stuff.

About me:

I'm a "late 30s" bloke, working as an engineer in the healthcare sector in the "Grim North" of England. My interests include (local) ecology, conservation, and nature photography. My "interest" in computers is strictly a means to an end! I'm a great fan of Apple gear, and absolutely love my MacBook Pro and OS X.

Excellent photo of me, sitting down. Not a smile in sight!

I'd like consider myself an amateur naturalist and student field-biologist, and keep myself aware of environmental issues. I am a graduate of UCLAN (Myerscough) in Ecology and Conservation Management, and I'm currently reading Natural Sciences with the OU.

Me again, looking as though I'm about to face a firing squad!

It is my hope to progress academically in the field of Ecology and Field Biology, hopefully taking a Master's degree, and perhaps even a PhD at some future point. I am especially interested in researching periurban conservation.

Me doing practical conservation work with LWT, repairing vole habitat and clearing alder scrub.

About me and postcards:

There is a subsection of the website dedicated to scans of my postcards. It's my occasional hobby to collect postcards from around the world. Sometimes these are places I've visited myself, other times, they are gifts from other people. Some are very old and rare, others are more recent.

About me and "concrete buildings":

I have a fascination with what I describe as "hideous 1960s/70s ultra-modern concrete edifices", or in other words, urban constructions dating from circa 1965-1975, built in a very modernist or brutalist style, usually from large percentages of cast and reinforced concrete. I have started taking photographs of these buildings, as many are now being demolished or are in a poor state, and some of the photos are posted in this section.


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