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Concrete and me...

All about my fascination with concrete buildings:

More information to follow - Still under construction!

Ever since I was a small child, I have had a mixture of fear and fascination of concrete buildings. I consider myself to be both a "concrete-phobe" and also a connoisseur of what many (most?) people would regard as ugly, worthless and pointless concrete buildings, and remnants of buildings.

As noted in the Constructs section, I am not especially interested in grand sweeping architectural designs (though I do have some interest in such edifii), rather my interest is in what I'd describe as "cultural" concrete buildings, remnants of buildings and other large structures. These can be anything from a multi-storey car-park in a busy town centre to the dilapidated remains of an old sewage-works.

But one thing all these buildings will have in common (aside from being constructed largely from reinforced concrete, of course) is that they will have a certain derelict charm. To many, they will simply be eyesores; scars on the countryside, or perhaps soulless civic buildings that "should have been torn down years ago". But to me, they represent a certain snapshot in time, a iconography of either avant-garde design, or of a meeting of form and function, which has now long passed but which has left a bizarre skeleton and has now become something of a localised landmark.

And so as I travel around the country, I stop and admire these grotesque structures. Each has a story to tell (though sadly few care to hear it) and each represents something - even if that something is nothing more than being a former industrial housing from an era now past. And now, I try and also take a simple photograph of anything I feel is worthy of being recorded. Once these "carbuncles" are gone (and they are sadly disappearing quickly) we will never see the like again (I realise that many may be glad of this) as that peculiar and heady mix of a readily mouldable and shapable building material, combined with 1970s flair and optimism is something that is unlikely to ever occur again.

And I for one will greatly lament its passing

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