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"Concrete" sub-section

A sub-site dedicated to my fascination with derelict and strange concrete buildings.

Please note: This section is still under construction (ironically enough).

I have always had a rather morbid fascination with bizarre concrete buildings, especially those built during the "ultra-modern" or "brutalist" architectural era of the late-1960s and early-1970s. Despite considering myself a "concrete-phobe" (I find the sight of many such monolithic structures quite disturbing) I am nonetheless drawn towards these hideous yet beautiful pieces of industrial architecture.

Sadly though, at the time of writing, many of these so-called "carbuncles" are starting to disintegrate and are being demolished with great and sickening zeal by those whom wish to replace these iconic edifii with soulless corporate glass-and-steel constructs, else to utilise the land for some ghastly suburban housing estate.

In my various travels around the less-picturesque areas of where I live, I have encountered various "relics" of recent-past industry, and I take a great pleasure in observing and celebrating these leftover monuments. However, it never occurred to me until recently to actually start creating a photographic record of them. Once these wonderfully ugly lumps of concrete are gone, they will be gone forever, and with them a certain cachet of the 1960s and 1970s flair in the use of concrete to create both functional and avant-garde buildings and constructs.

So I'm opening this part of the website up to a collection of both existing and abandoned concrete buildings and structures which I've encountered and managed to photograph. It's currently very small, as (sadly) I have very few photographs of such buildings. But I hope to expand and add to the collection in the future, and for this to serve as a sort-of "shrine" to those examples of "brutalist" industrial architecture that I encounter in my wanderings around the country.

They may be universally despised and eyed for demolition by almost everyone, but I personally find a certain cultural beauty in such objects. A culture which now is almost extinct, swept aside by modern building materials and an increasingly conservative and homogenous design aesthetic.

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Please remember this section is under construction!

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