Random image from my nature photos collection (cropped).
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Links to various other websites:

Below you can find a variety of links to websites which I personally have found useful or interesting.

Links have been categorised into the following genres:

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Various photography-related websites:

WEX Photographic (Warehouse Express)

Excellent UK-based online photography equipment retailer. Also stocks a wide range of specialist wildlife photography equipment.

Andy Rouse Wildlife Photography

Andy Rouse's site - one of my favourite professional photographers, Andy is also a great conservationist and has written several books and holds many seminars and workshops on digital nature photography.

Natural Visions - Heather Angel and Associates

Heather Angel's site - another of my favourite professional photographers, Heather has been both photographer and scientist for several decades, and is one of the UK's most celebrated naturalists and photographers.

Various tools for building a website:

JAlbum (Java Album)

Home site of the freeware, Java-based web-album generator software as used on this site.

JW Player - embedded flash-player

Excellent freeware embedded flash-media player, as used on this site to play Flash video clips.

The Easy PHP Guestbook

Simple freeware Guestbook and Comments code, written in PHP and used on the "Contact Me" section of this site.

Other Websites with media related related to what's on here:

Sorry, I've not posted any links here yet!

Websites related to Ecology and Conservation in the UK:

Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Lancashire Wildlife Trust - My local conservation organisation, where I participate in voluntary work, preserving and enhancing local habitats.

Myerscough College

Myerscough College - A land-based college in Bilsborrow, near Preston, where I studied my degree in Ecology & Conservation Management. Affiliated with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

Brownfield Conservation

Brownfield Conservation.org.uk - A new website founded by me, covering all aspects of managing brownfields for conservation
(Note: I have taken this site down, due to my inability to maintain it any longer).

Other links - Various miscellaneous links:

Me on Facebook

Yes ... sigh ... along with most of the world, I'm on Facebook. Check it out, but be warned, since I'm not a heavy FB user, there is nothing much there right now.

Me on Twitter

And another big sigh but yes ... I've got a Twitter account too, albeit with a slightly different name (as @JT437 was taken). Check it out, but be equally warned, I've not got anything interesting to tweet about. Tweet me at @jont437

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