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Various Media

The repository for various odd movies, pictures, sounds etc.

Here you can find a selection of video clips, sounds, photos, images, all sorts of odd media I've collected over the years.

You can either stream the videos via an embedded Flash player using JW Player, or you can play a higher-quality Xvid encoded format or handheld-friendly h.264 encoded MP4 version using your device's media player.

Please Note: This section still under construction - much more media to come.

The Lost Islands.

First up, title sequence from classic 1970s Aussie children's television drama The Lost Islands. This is a series I only vaguely remembered as a child (it was shown in the UK on Saturday mornings in 1977) but which I have searched for, for many years, finally turning up a DVD set on a French (!) website.

A truly seminal kids TV drama, it featured a multi-national group of teens being shipwrecked on a forgotten desert island, where the local people were "stuck" in a historical 1700s culture. Every week, the kids battled to survive against the tyrannical island leader, and to try and find a way home.

An incredibly 1970s TV show, it features a wonderfully naive and idealistic approach to children's drama - all very hippyish and sunshiny. And of course, that famous (sung) theme tune.

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Well, that's it for the moment. I shall be uploading more video clips as soon as I get a chance, so please keep checking back for new content.

Please note: All of these video clips have been ripped directly from various DVD box-sets or from other legitimate sources. All Copyrights © remain with their respective copyright holders.

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