Random image from my nature photos collection (cropped).
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Scanned images of my numerous postcards.

Here I have uploaded scanned images of the many postcards I have collected over the years. There are about 200 postcards to view.

Note: As of December 2011, I have taken the sad decision to cease collecting postcards. Because of this, there will be no new postcards scanned and uploaded. The collection is current as of this date.

I have decided to stop collecting postcards simply because I feel I now have 'too many' (indeed, I have disposed of quite a few of the more hideous modern examples) and I just don't have the space in my life for them any more.

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About postcards and me:

I have been casually collecting postcards for many years now, ever since a child in fact. But it has always been a very casual hobby, so my collection is relatively modest. I usually ask friends and relatives to bring me back a postcard or two, when they go on holiday. I prefer my cards to be unwritten, so they are usually brought back by hand.

I usually favour the "old fashioned" style of postcard, especially those which are sectioned into quarters or similar. But over the years I have accumulated quite a variety of styles.

Many of the very early postcards in my collection have been donated to me by other people (including my parents) when they have been "clearing out the loft" or whatever. Some are very old, and quite a few are even in black and white.

Grouping system:

For the purpose of this website, I have decided to segregate the scans according to whether they are either scenes from the UK or from overseas; I have further subdivided the scans chronologically into 3 "time frames" - the early stuff which dates from about the mid-1960s or earlier, which I've called "Classic Age". Next the cards from (roughly) the late-1960s to the early-1990s which I've called the "Middle Age". And then the more contemporary cards which date from about the mid-1990s through to the present day, which I've called the "Modern Age". There's also a special fourth sub-group for cards which have an unusual art-design, or which feature images which are not scenic locations. I've grouped these cards in the "Oddities" section.

Please note that it's often very difficult to judge when a card dates from. Especially those cards which have been donated by other people. So my chronological categorisation is not meant to be exact!

Where possible, I've commented each card with some of the information from the rear (such as location, publisher etc.) I've also added a personal comment to many cards, offering a little extra information or an opinion.

Note: Where a postcard is sectioned, the locations listed read clockwise starting with the top-left location (unless otherwise stated).

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