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Mike Gambit special page

A page devoted to Mike ("The Man") Gambit: Action-hero of the 1970s!

Mike Gambit, played by the late and sadly-missed Gareth Hunt, was brought into the cast to provide a more youthful, more gritty member of team. With Steed now approaching 60, there was a need to have a younger man able to perform more of the action work and stunts. Someone with a bit more "punch" to Steed's more dapper and well-heeled demeanour.

Gambit positively embodied 70s cool. From his clothes and hair-style, through to the "Kung Fu" mystique of his deadly combat skills, Mike was simply the action-man that all boys growing up during the late-1970s wanted to emulate.

His ultra-cool, ultra-controlled personality sparked brilliantly with Purdey's feisty, electric personality, and it was their visible onscreen chemistry that gave many episodes a memorable turn.

The weapons-specialist of the team, Mike usually relied upon his trusty ".38 Magnum" (sic) revolver when the need called, but he was equally at home wielding less conventional weaponry (e.g. a home-made bow and arrows and a bola made from his shoes (!) in the episode "Trap") or indeed, his devastating martial-arts prowess!

A skilled driver, several episodes saw Mike driving his red Jaguar XJ-S with tremendous skill, performing utterly unnecessary manoeuvres for no better reason than pure 70s style! But always with that cast-iron self-control and focus.

In a clear nod to James Bond (though Mike was far cooler), he also came out with some hilarious one-liners and put-downs, and some of his banter with Purdey have become classics.

Style, wit, charisma, excellent taste in fashion, cars and women ... along with deadly combat skills ... it is no wonder that Mike Gambit was the action-hero of choice for 1970s schoolboys everywhere, and quite literally inspired a generation!

Click the link below for a reproduction of David Fakrikian's hilarious "The Official Mike Gambit Art of Self-defence - Remember Self Defence is Self Control!"

Gambit Strikes - The Mike Gambit Art of Self-defence

Originally hosted at http://perso.club-internet.fr/fakirpro/tv/gambit.htm it seems like the original page has been lost now. Note that this is really for fans - those unfamiliar with the series may not get the jokes (trust me though, they are hilarious - though still very much a homage.

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