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The New Avengers - photos and pictures

Various photos of the main cast - some even recent!

Here I have cobbled together a few photos of the cast in various situations. Unsurprisingly, there is not a lot of material knocking about the web (seeing as this is a relatively obscure British television) series; but these are a few shots which I have collated together.

A nice picture of the trio all together. Looks like an early publicity photo.

Another group shot, probably from a season 2 episode, though I'm not sure which. Gambit and Steed are in desert camouflage, which doesn't seem familiar.

An odd photo, looks almost like Purdey is holding Gambit's hefty revolver, and Gambit a more dinky pistol.

A photo of Mike looking rather tired. Probably suffered one-too-many of Purdey's knockbacks...

A very common group shot, with Steed looking very paternal in the middle.

A shot of Mike, looking like he is posing for some brand of 1970s aftershave ... Denim perhaps? Brut? Hai Karate?

A pleasant, summery group shot clearly staged for publicity.

A rare shot of the cast reunited in 1995. Some 15 years after the show was cancelled. Steed is looking very well.

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